Kung Fu and Worship

Last Sunday, I watched the movie Karate Kid with my brother after we attended the afternoon worship service. 

As I was watching the movie, I started relating some of the lines of Jackie Chan in the movie with the Malachi series on worship.

I have to narrate a part of the movie to relate it to worship…

Jackie Chan was training a young boy on how to do Kung Fu. And he started it on the boy’s jacket. The reason for this is this has been the problem of the boy’s mom that he could not hang his jacket when he gets home and instead, leaves it always on the floor. And so, Jackie Chan started to train him for how many days by asking him to hang his jacket, then wear it, then drop it, then hang it again, and so on. The one thing his master emphasized was attitude. While doing it, he must learn to enjoy what he was doing, he must have some attitude. But the boy could not understand why he had been doing the same thing for almost 3 days already. He was expecting some real Kung Fu skills. The boy fully understood when Jackie Chan applied the routine of hanging, wearing and dropping of his jacket in training. 

The line which really caught me was when Jackie Chan said after showing the boy why he was doing it, that Kung Fu is everything that you do. In my own understanding, Kung Fu is not a skill that you just learn. When you sit, when you eat, when you sleep, when you walk, that is Kung Fu. In other words, Kung Fu is a lifestyle.

Upon hearing those lines and as I was still having some reflection in my subconscious mind about the message during the service, I concluded that that’s the concept of worship also. Worship is not just singing praise and worship songs or attending Sunday worship services or serving in a ministry. Worship is a LIFESTYLE. In what ever we do — at work,in school, in buses, when we are alone, we must always offer it God as our worship for Him. And when we offer it to God, we should always do our best that He may be pleased. This was what the priests failed to do when they offered to God imperfect animals for offering as stated in the book of Malachi. And the truth is, sometimes — I also failed to do. 

I always pray that God changes my heart each day. That I will always be at my best always, as my worship offering.

Because…God deserves the best! 😀