a lot of firsts…

I’m just happy being able to experience a lot of new things for the past few months.  A big first something or a small first something, I’m grateful to God for the new experiences.

Before summer ended, I was able to enjoy for the first time to be in a big cruise ship. It was just an overnight cruise and I must say it was “bitin” but it was a good one for a first cruise. Looking forward to another one!

I also had my first office! Isn’t that cool? Well, we are only 2 in the team here so we got our own office space and just converted it into two cubicles.  But still, I’m in an office! hehe…

I must say I have my first boots! I used to say before that I wish I could live in Hong Kong because wearing boots there was a fashion statement.  And, I want to wear one! haha! And now, I can because of the weather. Just loving it. 🙂

This may be my second time here in BC but it was my first time to experience the season of autumn.  I just love the color of the maple leaves and the crisp of the leaves!

A few months after, I got to experience for the first time, the so-called snow.  I got so excited that I didn’t mind that it was so cold and just went on and made my first snow balls!

I know there are a lot of firsts that had happened in my stay here. And tomorrow, I’ll be doing another first again.  It will be my first time to visit my relatives (my father’s siblings) in Chicago and it will be my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US (oh, I had my first Canada Thanksgiving too! )! 🙂  It will be my first time also to meet some of my cousins.  A lot of firsts I must say on this anticipated vacation.

What are your firsts lately? And oh, this is my first time to write about “firsts”…or, just so I thought… 🙂