tradition over truth

I attended Sunday worship service this morning and it has been a tradition (I guess) in Willingdon Church to do something different on their December Sundays.  They turn it to Christmas (themed) Sundays. So today, the worship started with a Christmas play with music and dancing in between performed by children. 

Before the play started, a cartoon video about nativity was shown.  The video showed the different versions that we used to believe growing up on how Jesus was born. It was a funny video but it had lots of truth into it. And what was so true, was that despite the things the we used to believe or even believe until today, one version always remain the same. And that is, that a baby boy was born by a virgin to become the Savior of the world. The very reason of Christmas.

I know we all have our own little traditions of spending Christmas.  But, I just hope that we will always remember the reason for the season. Just like in the Christmas play, the man lost his wife and child and became cold but in the end, he found hope again in God. He found the reason to celebrate Christmas again. It wasn’t because of the gifts or the tradition, it was because of the truth that a Savior was born to give him hope and a new life.

I hope that we all have a very meaningful Christmas this year, with or without our families with us. I hope we will all receive the greatest gift that God could give us – His Son.

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is a picture of the Christmas tree outside Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.  I’ve always liked going there every December. I hope they will still put it up this year. 🙂