Duty or Delight? – Day 1 and 2

Just a background of what Duty or Delight is…

It is a book I purchased online from Life Way store. It is a 6-week journey book of knowing where you stand with God which is based on the Scripture of Ephesians 1:3-23. It is pink and I love it! 🙂 But more than that, it is a book which is totally applicable to the journey I’m going through right now. A journey of re-discovering myself. And knowing where I stand with God is the best way to start it. By the way, the author of the book is Tammie Head. You can google her or the book if you want. 🙂

The first week talks about the different pitfalls of feeling being chosen by God. I realized that I’m totally into those pitfalls. 

Day 1 was about the first pitfall which is twisted theology. There were these 2 check boxes in the book. I felt sad when the box I checked was that I felt I was the one pursuing God. The other check box was that God was the one pursuing me. I was reminded by Ephesians 1:4 that God has chosen me even before the creation of the world. That it wasn’t because of who I am, but because He has already planned of pursuing me even before the world. Isn’t it sweet? 🙂 

Day 2 was about the second pitfall which is my insecurity. Do you ever have that feeling that what you’re doing for God is never enough? That if you just miss a day without reading His Word or doing your quiet time, you feel guilty and you felt like you’ve totally failed God? Sad to say, but I do. And I realize that there is nothing I would do that could lessen God’s love for me. When I read Genesis 3:7-10 – it was when Adam and Eve hid behind the trees because they got ashamed of their nakedness, then when I read Genesis 3:21 – God made garments of skin for Adam and Even, my heart crushed. I realized how insecure I am with God’s love. At the same time, I became in love with God more. God would still want me even if I’m broken. 

Day 3?? It will be on my next blog. 

I just want to praise God for giving me the chance to be better, not by my own effort, but all because of His love and grace through the Lord Jesus Christ.



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