a new ‘love’ interest

I’m still smiling with the title I put for this blog. hehe… 

Anyway, for the past 2 months, I’ve been taking up a new hobby which I really wanted to do before but just didn’t have the time and extra money for it. And now, with the influence of an office friend (her name is Emma), I got started with a few tools, embellishments and papers. 

What am I talking about? Handmade Cards! 😀

Next time, I’ll try to document the step by step instruction on the cards that I’ll be making. For now, I just want to show some of the few cards I have done and given away. 😀

I’m praying for a few additional ‘expensive’ equipments. Praying for wisdom if they will be worth it. A printer and a cricut. What’s a cricut? Google it. 😀

Here are the cards I’ve made so far. I would love to make one for everyone! 😀

This is the first card I made, materials by Emma; I gave this card to Emily on her birthday

We gave this card to Emily too when she had her delivery

 This card is for Art. Quite a challenge to make cards for men.

 This card is for Mama. I hope it arrives in Bacolod.
 Mother’s Day Card for Emily

 Mother’s Day Card for Emma

Mother’s Day Card for Me-Anne


Birthday Card for Otella 

A very special card for my real love interest – the Heavenly Father