one fine day

Yesterday, I felt so blessed for being able to spend time with myself alone. It was what I really needed. And, I want to take you on how my Sunday turned out to be a one fine day.

this is a flower at our front yard, ready to bloom for summer 🙂

It was a sunny day so instead of calling a cab going to train station, I decided to walk to the bus stop and took a bus going to the sky train. Sometimes, I wouldn’t feel like walking because the road is steep going to the bus stop. Good thing it was sunny. Great time to walk. Below is the street near the bus stop.

I attended worship service at Coastal Church in Vancouver downtown. The message was the last of the series, Intriguing Women.  It was about the most intriguing woman in the Bible, Eve. After the service, I ate lunch at Tropika because I was craving for their Indonesian spring roll – it’s stuffed with veggies and chicken and coated with nuts. Yum! Then, I ordered a combination meal comprise of chicken satay, sweet and sour pork and veggies with tofu. 

It was good that I had a fully loaded lunch. Because I had a very long walk after. I walked going to Stanley Park from Robson street and took some pictures along the way. A lot of people were out because of the nice weather. Sunny day here is an opportunity to go out that’s why everyone grabs it. Some were strolling like me, others rented bikes and others were just hanging out on different spots. Here are some of the photos I took.

I’ve been to Stanley Park for how many times but I’ve never enjoyed the view as much as I did yesterday. I was able to savor every pretty site I can see.  And finally, I’ve arrived at my destination. The English Bay. I’ve been imagining for how many days already to just sit on the grass, listen to the sound of the bay, feel the air and enjoy the sun. And, all of it happened. I was able to relax and enjoy God in a very special way.

    by the way, i just love my sandals! my aunt gave those to me when i visited Chicago and I just really had the chance to wear them now that it’s spring 🙂

Time’s up and I had to go back to do some grocery. It was a long walk back to the train station that I just needed to stop by and grab something cold. DQ was what I had in mind and DQ I had filled my tummy. Oh, the car in the left. That’s a classic! The first time I was here in Canada, I’ve seen that already and now, it’s still there, never fading. 

What a perfect fine day, right? 🙂 If you haven’t done this, I hope you would have the time too. It’s a perfect time to just clear your mind and listen to God. 


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  1. I'm proud of you. Honestly I've been wanting to do that too for a time now, fasted every now and then but return to the same old routine. I want to write more and read more (finish my Christian book list) but I'm not able to, because there are many distractions. Please pray for me! That I may have the same strength and live out the discipline God has been teaching me to do. I need to review my perspectives and my priorities, been struggling lately, which I know some are because of my own doings too. *sigh*Saw your new blog, nice =)

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