Community Activity – Fun fun fun!

Last June 24, Accenture Vancouver conducted again a community meeting across all projects. But this time, it was a different meeting. It was more of getting to know other employees across different projects. It was really one of the best gatherings I’ve attended in my whole Accenture tenure. 

We were divided in different colors so we got to interact and work (I mean play) with employees of different projects. In the morning, we went to our break out sessions which were really fun. One of the sessions I chose was the Laughter Yoga and for 15-20 minutes I was just laughing the whole time. It was a crazy session! Some of the highlights of it – walking in penguin walk, saying hello through laughing, and talking in gibberish. My jaw was so painful of laughing. 

In the afternoon, we went into our own teams and started playing all the games prepared. It was like Amazing Race but not really. Hehe… We just need to play the games as much as we can to collect more chips. No pressure! Just to have fun! I got to play lacrosse which is something new for me. All of the games involved teamwork which really made us apply what we do in our actual work life. 

The best parts of the day were the tug-of-war which is not just 2 teams but 4 teams against each other. And, saving the best for last – BBQ ended the day! Yummy burgers and hot dogs! Some employees had their families came during the BBQ. 

Oh, the best part really? Our team – Red 11 won a Team Spirit Award! Haha! Just for having fun! 🙂

Here are some of our pix, thought I didn’t have the pix of our team. We were too busy playing. Hehe…  These are pix with Pinoy folks!