Last night, I watched the movie, “Courageous” with my dear sisters in Christ, Aggie and Lauren. The movie spoke more for men especially for fathers, but, nonetheless, it also spoke to me. On my way home, after the movie, I was praying to God that He would also make me a courageous person, especially in standing up for Him.

This morning, I was once again inspired with the story of two courageous women. My devotion this morning is the story of Deborah, Barak and Jael in Judges 4. If you are not familiar with their story, I encourage you to read the whole chapter 4. 🙂 It will really encourage you especially the story of Jael. Her courage was very admirable. She was the wife of a loyal person to the enemies of Israelites but she chose to do the right thing.

Obedience to God really takes courage because sometimes, it will cost us giving up our career, our wealth, and/or even relationships. That’s why each day, we need God to be with us and always ahead of us. It is only by faith, that we can take a leap of courage.

God bless everyone! 🙂