Overcoming Fear

Last Saturday, I went to Cypress Mountain with friends to do snowboarding. This is my second winter in Canada but I never tried snowboarding or skiing because of one reason – I was scared. But my friend, Anni who loves snowboarding so much succeeded in convincing me to at least give it a try. And so I did.

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it. But it wasn’t easy at all for me. The rest of the guys I was with learned so fast and it was their first time too. It took me more than 1 hour to just complete my first run, going down the bunny hill. Everyone was already going up and down for so many times while I was stuck with my first run. Two reasons – I was having a hard time getting up and I got scared when I slide down so fast that I had to let my self fall to stop.

When I did my second run, I somehow improved and learned on how to balance and to slow down. But still, I fell so many times – in different positions. Haha! My whole body was hurting already that it took me a long time contemplating if I would do a third run. And oh, everyone has moved already to the next level that I was the only one left at the bunny hill. Hehehe… I wanted to do the third run to prove to myself that I can overcome my fear but I didn’t want to at the same time because |I was scared that I might get injured since I was already hurting. That moment was Stifany vs. myself.  Well, I’m glad that I did the third run. I was just praying that God would keep me safe. I felt that I had to do the third run or else I would keep thinking of what ifs. I know three runs was not much as I should have done more. But as for me, I know that was enough. The reason I tried snowboarding in the first place was to prove to my self that I can conquer my fear. And, I believe I did a pretty good job on it. 🙂

If you would ask me if I’ll do it again, maybe… 🙂

Just glad I went home in one piece..hehehe….


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