Home and Spring

Have you ever been in that situation that you’r waiting for something to happen but you just don’t know when exactly it will be? Does it make you feel uneasy?

I’m currently in that situation now. My assignment here in Canada is going to end soon, planned date is March 30 and I will be going back to the Philippines on April 1. However, there is a possibility that I will be extended because I have to wait for the person who will replace me here to get her visa. So, my return date seems uncertain for now. And, all I can really do is to wait. I can’t plan my vacation, I can’t book my flights going home, I can’t really tell how many days I can spend with my family. And it made me uneasy for the past days. But, now, I’m just letting it go. I’m just trusting God, knowing that He will make things work out no matter how it will be.

What I am looking forward now? Spring!!! My wish is to see cherry blossoms before I leave Canada. And, I can see some are starting to bloom already. Weeeeh! I will surely miss spring time here!

Here’s my last year’s Spring time moment Always worth the wait! 😉