HE answers.

As my days here in Canada are getting shorter, I’ve been reminiscing a lot, starting from the day I got here. Funny, I have in my cute journal my first 19 days here in Canada. 

Day 1 – Had my first dinner at Pho Century. Oh, I will miss their spring rolls!!!!
Day 2 – It was rainy. Hmm…I think I won’t miss rain much. But, the cold weather for sure. Hehe…
Day 3 – First day of work and I believe I immediately had a severity 2 issue.
Day 5 – Purchased my yellow strappy Aldo sandals which I haven’t worn much here. But, I will for sure in Phil. 
Day 12 – I cooked carbonara. Haha! Which I believe was the second to the last real food I cooked here. Haha!
Day 14 – Picked fresh flowers in our backyard. I will miss spring/summer!
Day 19 – My first Regeneration at Coastal Church. Definitely will  miss Coastal…awww…

Coming here to Canada was not just an opportunity for me that was dropped at my doorstep. Coming here was an answered prayer. I prayed for it because of two reasons: 1) to help my family in terms of finances 2) to find my self again. It wasn’t just an idea that came to my mind. God impressed to me to pray for Canada and so I did. December of 2009, I asked God to give me a confirmation before the year ends if  He really wanted it for me. And before I went for my Christmas vacation, my supervisor gave me the good news. By faith, I claimed it knowing nothing could hinder His plan for me.

And now that I’m going home soon, I kept thinking back those reasons why I wanted to be here. Amazingly, God made both happened and more. My family as I mentioned before is in a debt-free zone already. Even though I earn more here, I realized that God never wanted me to depend on His resources but on Him. That will be a different story, though. 🙂 And as for me, God made me a better person. I can really say, I am definitely changed because of His great love and compassion. I found myself in God and deeply understood who I am to Him. I believe that’s the most important.

Canada will always be in my heart. That’s for sure. I will always be grateful to God for allowing me to come back here. I never thought I would. But because it’s never about me, it has always been about Him and His plans and purposes that’s why I’m here. And even that I’m going back, it will still be about Him. 

All glory to my Heavenly Father.


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  1. kanami…nag coincide sa nostalgic mood ku tonight…i praise God for these realizations… 🙂 can't believe it's been almost 2 years!

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