28: Being Intentional

I realize that as I grow older, I need to be more intentional in reaching out to people. Especially now that people seem to move a lot, you really can’t tell when you can spend time with them again. If not, they are busy with their own life – family, career, etc. 

And, one way of being intentional is to plan ahead. Whether you want to meet the person or want to do something for the person, the only way to make it happen is to plan it early.  It’s time to take out your dusty planner. I have a friend who would always plan our get together (even if it is just a dinner) a month earlier. And it is really effective because with time being a luxury now, we can block off all other events. If you friend has responsibilities at home and couldn’t go out, then why don’t you go to your friend’s place instead? And maybe you can offer help in whatever needs to be done. Even when I do video calls with my friends who are away, we would always set a date on when we will do it and not just on when we can.  Even sending a message through email or even through Facebook just to catch up, that is something. 

We can all get caught up with the day to day things that we need to do. Yes, we meet people everyday and interact with them. But to be intentional, that’s the only way to have real, deep relationships.


To end this, I have some give-away from my friends on what friendship has taught them.
  • Friendship is accepting the good, the bad and the ugly. Having said this, friends also help make the good even better, the bad into good and the ugly into beautiful. 
  • Real friends know when you need their opinion and when you just need them to listen.
  • Friends give you the truth when you need to hear it.
  • Friends inspire you to be the best that you can be.
  • Friends support you in your hopes and dreams
  • Friendship is not relative to time and proximity.
  • Trust can be awarded to the wrong people.
  • Be careful with the help you give and receive.
  • Those who walk in faith won’t guide you blindly.
  • Sincerity and consistency in kindness and action.
  • Quarrelling is futile. Both are trying to prove they’re right– both are trying to conform to their own standards.  It’s a sure fire causative agent of a heartbreak. But through quarrels/ misunderstanding, if nurtured the proper way, and if the rebuking is accepted, you become stronger and better, both as persons and as friends.
  • unconditional love
  • going the extra mile
  • to trust is a choice with risks
  • good intentions may be misunderstood
  • lasting friendships are marked with common faith
Feel free to add to the list above on what you have learned from your own set of friends. 🙂

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