A Time of Rest

Two weeks ago, my friend Rhodes and I decided to get away from the busyness of the city and go to a prayer mountain. Thanks to Rhodes who came up with the plan because I’ve never been to any prayer mountain. 

We went to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo City, just through public transportation. When we were close to the place, there was a strong downpour of rain. Instead of getting disappointed because of the weather, Rhodes and I were just laughing inside the jeepney until we got off walking to Touch of Glory. It was like, “What are these two looking-lost women, on a heavy downpour doing in Antipolo?” 😀 Well, nothing can rain in our parade, not even rain! 

When Rhodes was asked by the guard what was the name who made the reservation, the guard could not find her name. Haha! You know why? See below. That’s why. Haha!  Ciudad became Solidad. Haha! 😀

The place has dormitory rooms, separate for girls and boys. They also have air-conditioned rooms which are good for maybe 2 to 3 people. But we preferred the dormitory since it’s cheaper and we will just stay for one night. What I like in the place is the prayer cells. It’s the perfect place to have a quiet time, prayer and devotion. Sleeping is not allowed. 😀 Rhodes and I did our night time devotion in our own prayer cells.

They have a canteen with home-cooked meals that you can buy. So, food is not a problem. The next day was sunny and so we were able to have our morning devotion at the prayer garden. And did some pictorials too! Hehe!

The best part of our stay there was the quality time that we spent with God in a very special way. Away from thoughts of work, from internet, from texts and calls. No distraction. My spirit was very much refreshed. The next best thing was to be able to have a heart to heart talk also with Rhodes. After our night time devotion, we both stayed up talking about everything in our lives. Family, ministry, work, matters of the heart, etc. Such a blessed time, indeed.

I’m looking forward for more get away time from the city. It’s important that we take some time to just drop everything and have real REST, to be renewed and refreshed with God and His Word. 

“There is a time A)”>for everything,

    and a season for every activity under the heavens.” 
 Ecclesiastes 3:1

Thanks Rhodes for bringing me to the place.

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