[Journey on Waiting 5] Going poetic

As I was going through blogs about waiting, I’ve somehow made reflections that I would want to express it in a poem. 🙂 It’s been so long since I wrote a poem. That last one I believe was in college. Here goes my freestyle poem writing… Haha!

Why wait?
Why should I wait?
When they say,
that all that matters
is today?

Why should I wait?
When they say,
things can happen
without delay?

Why should I wait?
What’s the deal?
Well, my Maker told me,
“For I am God, you be still.”

What’s the point of faith?
What’s the point of hope?
What’s the point of tomorrow?
If we don’t wait?

What’s the point of grace?
What’s the point of the cross?
What’s the point of salvation?
If we can’t wait?

Don’t focus on waiting.
But fix your eyes on the Blessing.
For the Blessing in waiting,
is a relationship with a King!
Happy Waiting! 🙂