Made Possible

I always believe that no one can thwart the plans of God. Yesterday, I was able to register for my IELTS exam on the day that I was really praying for, March 9. There was still an available slot. J Going to British Council, I had so much peace knowing that God will provide for the slot. And, indeed, He did!  Isn’t God so great and amazing and faithful? My heart is just overwhelmed and grateful.

I know this week hasn’t really been a consistent week of quiet time and prayer. With a lot of things going on, I can’t establish my routine. But God never changes. Who He is yesterday, today and tomorrow, He is the same loving and gracious and forgiving God. My day to day activities and time with Him may change, but on the time that I am able to meet Him, He is the same God. He will not ask you why, but instead will accept you as you come to Him. Indeed, I am so undeserving of His love and grace, but because it’s not about me, but about Him that I am able to come to Him anytime even if I fall short. There’s no other God like our Heavenly Father.

I praise and thank God for allowing me to grow in my faith, even in the smallest decisions I make. We never fail to feel His presence as long as we come clean to Him and we humble ourselves to Him. He listens. He sustains. He comforts.

Indeed, with God, anything is possible. 🙂

Written Jan. 24, 2013