Passing by…


It’s been a while since I’ve put in some of my faith journeys. A lot has just happened for this month. My brother just left for UK today! Yey!! I’m excited for Christian. Not just with the new place and all, but most of all on how God will use him there and on how much he will grow and mature; just excited seeing God’s hand in the life of my brother. 🙂 I’m so thankful to God for His provision for my brother. 🙂

How have I been lately? I’ve been so focused with work and my IELTS review, though, with some leisure in the side. But my mind has really been work and IELTS. My exams are getting close and I’m just nervous!! As always, it’s another step of faith. I would need a lot of prayers especially during that day. I know God is already there before me. He will guide me and help me.

I’m a bit sleepy now. I have so much to write it’s just that the time isn’t very nice to write. Will come back again next time 🙂 All glory to God! 🙂

Written Mar 01 2013