When Waiting Is So Worth It! (Part 2)


When Waiting Is So Worth It! (part 2) p>

To all our singles out there: Waiting calmly and purposefully — instead of desperately rushing to get married — can be one of the wisest things you can ever do, if you wait the right way.

To continue from last week…

3. Waiting can save you from “settling” for someone who won’t bring out the best in you. We’ve heard this all too often — in desperation, singles just settle. “Puede na. Okay na siguro ito.” Is that how you’d like to describe your future husband or wife — Puede na? Hey, I wouldn’t even buy a bag that’s “Puede na”!

Starting marriage with a medium-size deficit is aiming so low that you’re likely to fail. Instead, start marriage with a high advantage. For instance, please don’t settle for someone who’s just good-looking and charming, period. Or someone who gets by…

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