When Waiting Is So Worth It! (Part 3)


By Cata Salazar-de Jesus

Continued from last week…

5. Of course, while waiting, you need to work on looking good inside and out. Make a special effort to dress well — this goes for both men and women. Develop an easy, winsome fashion sense — easy on the eyes and easy on the pocket. Men, especially, should be careful to dress up in a way that projects respectability and dependability. I’ve seen how 40-something men still insist on dressing up like teeny boppers. The preppy look will look very tired and pathetic on you if you’re already 40, have a double chin, and are developing a paunch. So please. Dress your age. Dress to enhance. Don’t dress to amuse or confuse.

Even your adoring friends might find it hard to tell you, so let it come from a stranger like me. Won’t hurt to check your wardrobe tonight: am I…

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