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When I was in college, I discovered my little interest in video editing. I believe my interest for making videos had been there since I was young.  Since my dad had his first video camera (remember those really big ones?), every special event was on the record. Too bad when our house was destroyed by fire, we lost all of those videos. I’m not sure if some were still saved. 😦

Anyway, that was when I learned how to operate the video camera. And I’ve been taking a lot of videos since then. From school projects, family outings and even random videos at home, I just enjoyed either taking videos or being in videos. 🙂

And when I learned the basics of video editing and some few tricks along the way, I just wanted to make and edit so many videos. Too bad I didn’t really consider pursuing it. But it’s never too late, right?

This site has been running for a long time but I haven’t really put anything in it for a long time. And today, I was thinking I need to put something new in the site which I will enjoy doing. (And hopefully, will have the time doing it). This got triggered by the way when I downloaded this mobile app called, “Dubsmash”. How it works is that there are different lines from movies, ads, musicals that you can dub with your video in it. I had so much fun that I had to send my videos to my brother. Well, my brother is really a better actor than me, his videos were so hilarious! I might share those videos someday. *wink*

So anyway, I’m planning to put a video blog for “Beautifully Waiting”. I’m still thinking of the concept and how I could make it work. I’m excited though as this will be my first time.

So if you ran into this post and would have some ideas, feel free to share. I am very much interested to know like what tools I can use or concepts or just anything.

For starters, here’s the official You Tube Channel – Beautifully Waiting going videos.

Pray for me! 🙂


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