Withered Beautifully

Princess Pepay

I was staring at the withered tulips on my desk and I realized how beautiful they still look even if their petals are starting to fall off.

I remembered that line, “A Beautiful Disaster”. I felt like that’s how I can describe the withering tulips.

It made me think how I can wither beautifully also. In a sense, when I have trials, problems or struggles that I can still respond in a way that is pleasing to God. It’s hard.

This week for me has been a high and low. Happy, not happy moments. And there were days that I can’t help but complain and become ungrateful. Honestly, it didn’t make things better. It just made me feel worst.

Indeed, I need to always pray and ask God to remind me to always be thankful in all circumstances. It takes trust and submission to God to continue to be grateful…

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