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Delays are not denials

As I shared in my previous blogs, I was working on my PR application for Canada with all the requirements and stuff.

I’m happy to say that I made it to the required score for my IELTS exam! Praise God for that! Just a little story about it – I was really nervous that I would fail especially my listening exam. It’s really where I was struggling the most when I was doing my self reviews. I was more confident with my writing and speaking since I believe they were my strengths. And you know what, I got the lowest in my writing. I was actually expecting it because I really got stuck in my writing when I can’t even properly elaborate my thoughts about a topic that I totally have no idea! I realized how difficult to write about something you really don’t know anything about. But as always, God is really good. I needed a 6 for my writing and He gave me a 6! 🙂 That was really close. I placed everything in God’s hands after I took the exam.

I already submitted my PR application. It was really a challenging process with all the documents and requirements that I need to procure. Not to forget the very tedious details that I should follow in the instruction kit. But really really helpful. After a month of submitting my application, I got my application number. Yay! 🙂

I’ve been expecting their next updates after 2 months I got my application number but I haven’t heard still. There has been an ongoing strike in the immigration offices which could possibly cause the delays. But then, I told myself, God’s timetable is always perfect. His timing is always right. While I’m waiting for the next update, I still have enough time to prepare for what’s to come. And if this is really what God would want me to have, it will happen.

I was reminded by a status post in FB and I really agree, indeed, God’s delays are not God’s denials. He holds what lies ahead. He knows what’s best. As long as we are aligned to His will, we will learn to wait by faith.

Please pray for me as I press on to this journey. 🙂

God bless!

Passing by…


It’s been a while since I’ve put in some of my faith journeys. A lot has just happened for this month. My brother just left for UK today! Yey!! I’m excited for Christian. Not just with the new place and all, but most of all on how God will use him there and on how much he will grow and mature; just excited seeing God’s hand in the life of my brother. 🙂 I’m so thankful to God for His provision for my brother. 🙂

How have I been lately? I’ve been so focused with work and my IELTS review, though, with some leisure in the side. But my mind has really been work and IELTS. My exams are getting close and I’m just nervous!! As always, it’s another step of faith. I would need a lot of prayers especially during that day. I know God is already there before me. He will guide me and help me.

I’m a bit sleepy now. I have so much to write it’s just that the time isn’t very nice to write. Will come back again next time 🙂 All glory to God! 🙂

Written Mar 01 2013

Made Possible

I always believe that no one can thwart the plans of God. Yesterday, I was able to register for my IELTS exam on the day that I was really praying for, March 9. There was still an available slot. J Going to British Council, I had so much peace knowing that God will provide for the slot. And, indeed, He did!  Isn’t God so great and amazing and faithful? My heart is just overwhelmed and grateful.

I know this week hasn’t really been a consistent week of quiet time and prayer. With a lot of things going on, I can’t establish my routine. But God never changes. Who He is yesterday, today and tomorrow, He is the same loving and gracious and forgiving God. My day to day activities and time with Him may change, but on the time that I am able to meet Him, He is the same God. He will not ask you why, but instead will accept you as you come to Him. Indeed, I am so undeserving of His love and grace, but because it’s not about me, but about Him that I am able to come to Him anytime even if I fall short. There’s no other God like our Heavenly Father.

I praise and thank God for allowing me to grow in my faith, even in the smallest decisions I make. We never fail to feel His presence as long as we come clean to Him and we humble ourselves to Him. He listens. He sustains. He comforts.

Indeed, with God, anything is possible. 🙂

Written Jan. 24, 2013

Through HIM

It was only last week that I finally made a decision to process my application of PR for Canada. I had this sudden peace to make such decision and somehow found some hope. I need to take the IELTS exam as part of the immigration requirements. Tomorrow, I will be submitting my registration form and will be scheduled for the exam. I need to take the exams on March 9 so that I could still make it to the cut off for my application for PR. I need to complete everything before April or else, I would miss my chance. I shouldn’t be applying for PR because right now, I don’t really see myself wanting to live there. However, when I had a conversation with Emily, a Filipino friend in Canada, I found some hope on it. It made me think that anything could possibly change in the next year.

Before I went back to Manila last year, I really wanted to apply for PR. It’s just that I wasn’t eligible back then. It required 2 years of fulltime experience and I only had 1 year and 9 months. Fortunately, just this January, they changed it to 1 year only. I was telling God before that if it is really His will for me to apply for PR, He will make a way for me. And I believe this is a chance that God wants me to take. You see, I still don’t hear God assuring me that I will really be moving to Canada. But God is teaching me to start making big decisions again. I’m not a risk-taker. I like to be sure always. And I know that this application is another test of my faith to Him. I trust that tomorrow when I set a schedule for IELTS, I will be able to get the March 9 schedule. It is only through God that this will be possible. As what the blind man that Jesus healed said that if Jesus is not from God, He could do nothing. Same also for us, apart from God, we can only experience the normal, not the impossible. It is only through God that we are able to enjoy not just the blessings but His very presence, His character, His power, His favor.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Written Jan. 22, 2013