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Imagine 32

When I was in high school, I used to imagine what my life would be after college. Asking myself, what my life would be when I turn 30? Will I even reach the age of 30? Did you ever have such thoughts when you were younger?

Tomorrow, my sister Amity turns 32. I’m just wondering how Ate would turn out to be. She could be one of the coolest and bubbliest teachers for special children. Or, she could be in a different part of the world living a fulfilling life. Or, she could be married (do you think?) to a Jewish-American, engineer-businessman with a little girl or boy and just be a house wife. 🙂

But one thing is for sure, she is definitely living life to the fullest and with a purpose. My sister never did things for no reason at all. There’s always a goal in mind, not wasting any time for unnecessary things.

And as I think about this, it also makes me wonder what my life would be when I reach that age. As I reach my 30’s soon, it really confirms how swift time has been as my imaginations during high school are still very fresh in my memory. It’s nice to dream about certain things that could motivate us to strive better. But it’s still important to always go back to what’s real and making sure it’s always aligned to God’s plan for our life.

Indeed, we will never know when our last breath would be. But what’s important is that we always leave a good legacy that when people remember us, it will bring them good memories of us. My sister could have left different impressions or marks to different people. But I hope that the important qualities they will never forget about her (well, aside from her very hearty laughter) are her love for God & family, strength, determination, and generosity.

Let each day of our life be always lived as if it is the last.

“Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

Just some trivia about my sister…  🙂

Do you know what the name Amity means? It means friendly. My parents wanted to give us unique names that my father had to look into the dictionary.

My sister’s nickname was “Onsing”  because she was born on the day that a typhoon hit Cebu having such name. Well, just good that it wasn’t her real name. Hehe…

Happy Birthday Ate! Enjoy the party UP there! 🙂




As defined by the free online dictionary,

amity [ˈæmɪtɪ]
friendship; cordiality
[from Old French amité, from Medieval Latin amīcitās friendship, from Latin amīcus friend]

I asked my dad before why my sister was named as Amity, and he said, he looked it up from the dictionary. Our parents like to give us unique names (well – except for my brother which is a different story and thus, explains the unique spelling of my name).

In my quiet time this morning, I thought of Amity. She is my second eldest sister. For those who don’t know, my sister passed away just a month after her 25th birthday. It’s been 6 years already.  My very last clear memory of her was her big laughter in a video that she also took with everyone in the family. I wasn’t there in that video and that’s why she recorded that for me. If you know my sister or met her, you would know how she laughed so hard.  An all out laugh!

I really don’t know how Amity has touched the lives of people around her (but I’d love to know!). But my sister was one of those who really pushed me to be at my best all the time. When I started working, she would tell me to dress up properly, fix my hair, be presentable in going to work. You know how she was when it comes to dressing up. She was always at her best.  She wasn’t a mediocre. She was very driven in what she does. She had passion for her work. She was a dreamer. She was very hard working. She always wanted the best for us, her family. If she is still here, for sure, she would have accomplished greater things than she already did.  We would be travelling together. 🙂

My sister taught me – Family. She was very protective of us. She would fight for us, even die for us. Yes, she was a fighter. She was very driven not because of her own dreams. But because she thought of us. Everything she did, we were a part of it. She inspired me. She taught me not just to dream for myself, but also for my family.

I miss Amity every day. I would sometimes imagine what if she is still with us now. Would be a lot of fun and laughter! My sister made a graceful exit from this world. She was at her very best when she left. She was top 5 (if i’m correct) for having the highest sales nationwide in her company. She was suppose to do an oath-taking for passing the teacher’s license exam. Yes, she was suppose to be a teacher for special children. We thought, she could have done more. But God’s purpose for her had been completed already.

One day, when the time comes, we will meet again. This time, in a perfect place with our Maker. 🙂

My only wish is that her friends and everyone who knows Amity will never forget her. That when they see the name Amity or hear the name Amity, they will thought of her and how she had made an impact in their lives.

(And yes, I always talk about her hair! haha! I so like her natural curly hairs!)

She lived 2 Timothy 4:7.